IKEA MICKE Desk, Black-brown

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Ikea micke desk, black-brown
SKUB00HUAV9IA Home Ready $ 279.99
Ikea micke desk, black-brown
Ikea micke desk, black-brown

– A long table top makes it easy to create a workspace for two.
– Cable outlets and compartment in the back keeps cords and cables out of sight but close at hand.
– The legs can be mounted to the right or left according to need.
– Finished on the back. Suitable for use as a room divider.
– Drawers with stop keeps them in place.

A clean and simple look that fits just about anywhere. You can combine it with other desks or drawer units in the MICKE series to extend your work space. The clever design at the back hides messy cables. You can extend your work surface by combining desks and drawer units. All desks and drawer units in the MICKE series are the same height. Always follow the instructions in the manual for charging electronic equipment. We recommend that the power is switched off when leaving electronic equipment unattended for a long time.


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